Principal's Message

Brig Syed Ahsan Raza Zaidi (R),
Principal GCB

I am pleased to take over as principal Garrison College for Boys. The direction and drift of my undertaking will be defined by the fundamentals of good public schooling, the established traditions and tenets of which will provide us the unity of purpose. In the vital realm of academics (which provides scaffolding to the major educational purpose of employability), we will aim to provide sound instruction that caters to individual differences, creativity and creative thinking by encouraging questioning and curiosity in students. We need to foster their progressive development by inspiring them to become independent life-long learners with an informed and broader world view fortified by objectivity and equanimity. Public schooling is incomplete without shaping all-round growth of alumni by promoting their personal development, cultural enrichment, physical hardihood and a sense of positive amusement. We will, if the routine and resouces permit, make an effort to prepare our students for entry into professional educational outfits. The staff and campus development go hand in hand with good schooling to meet the students' educational, personal, social and economic needs. Together the staff and the students will build a synergetic culture with mutual respect and egalitarianism. Transparency and fair play from the backbone of any principled educational administration. All this, I admit, is a tall order but let us make a sincere attempt to acqit ourselves of the onerous responsibility of cultvating the next crop. Let us resolve to give each alumnus the confidence and character to build for himself a world where the pursuit of real happiness is a possibility. This is not Probable without a measure of true learning, sound, character and meaningful ambition.