Garrison College For Boys

Garrison College for Boys


Garrison College for Boys (GCB) has by now established its reputation of offering quality education and grooming in line with the established practices of public schooling. Moreover, the College aims to provide its students education in a safe and protected environment, free from the harmful effects of unbridled freedom available to them in this day and age. We care for our students and are concerned with the development of their appropriate character and personality.
The following are major constituents of our Action Plan to achieve our mission:-

  • Best classroom practices to build intellectual capacity, employability profile, creative & critical faculties and life-long love for knowledge.
  • Established public schooling practices to help build character & personality.
  • Co-curricular involvement to nurture life skills, latent talents & balanced growth.
  • Sporting activities to build character, physical health, esprit de corps & decision-making ability.
  • Institutional code of conduct to instil discipline & inculcate positive sociability, cultural refinement & self-reliance.
  • Value System to cultivate ethics, integrity & character.
  • Wider awareness to inculcate moderation & urbanity.
As may be inferred, our effort is the balanced growth of students through sound academic instruction, constructive social interaction, positive encouragement and emotional support as well as participation in multifarious pursuits to refine their life skills and inner talents. All this will help us create individuals who are able to do justice with all important facets of their lives. To offer its students a wholesome and salutary educational experience, the College enjoys the services of a highly qualified and competent faculty.