Critical Thinking and Creativity

During the academic instruction, the faculty has been specifically conditioned to give student the intellectual liberty and licence to question unremittingly, inquire as deep as possible into difficult areas, exercise their critical faculties, develop analytical ability and, at the same time, discourage plain rote learning and memorization.

Public Speaking Skills

One of the major life skills is possessing proficient communication skills. It is a regular feature of the college academic regime that the English department conducts special classes to improve the students' public speaking skills. The students are periodically asked to take the floor confidently and develop the ability to express themselves rationally. This would go on long way to improving their employability profile and leadership potential. Public speaking contests are also held and a constant effort is made to enforce English-speaking culture in the College.

Dress and Deportment

True Public Schooling involves addressing the student's whole person, especially his outward deportment to make him look like veritable gentleman. The watchful College culture is so drilled into students that they naturally begin to appreciate the importance of dress, disposition and carriage in life.

Inculcating Discipline

Discipline is the bedrock of success for the College administration as well as for the future lives of students. Inculcating discipline in personality occupies the foremost place in life at College and students are expected to display their best disciplined self during the hours at College.

Instilling Civic Sense

From training in cleanliness and hygiene to the mutually benefitting social interactions, the College purports to inculcate necessary civic sense in its students. Our aspiration is to make them law-abiding and positively contributing future citizens of the country.

General Awareness

The broadening of a student's breadth of outlook and knowledge of the wider world is considered an important individual asset by the College administration. These are helped, among other measures, by competitive quiz contests, infotainment visits, mandatory library periods and book review-writing assignments.

Educational Visits

Educational visits to locations of historic and national significance, like educational institutions, museums, archeological sites, industries, etc. are organized with the view to providing students with a wider view and first-hand information of selected areas as well as to arouse lifelong interest in seeking practical knowledge and initiate a love for inquiry.

Guest Speakers

Leading luminaries and scholars in their fields are invited to enlighten the students on the latest developments and trends in important areas of life. The students are also afforded maximum opportunities to interact freely with the visiting scholars.

Parental Contact

While the College administration maintains an active and regular contact with the parents to inform them on every aspect of their son's performance and deportment, the parents are urged and expected to take due interest in matters concerning the progress of their wards.