Wholesome Personality Development

The concept of wholesome grooming goes beyond the instruction of textual knowledge and involves events and activities to build a student's confidence, character, interpersonal skills, habits and pastimes. These together make ground for a well-informed personality capable of embracing future challenges without losing a sense of its national, moral and social obligations.

Ideological Orientation

A special emphasis is laid upon ideological orientation of the students and concerted efforts are made to inculcate national spirit in them. For the attainment of this objective, following activities and events are organized :- Morning Assemblies are held periodically where the Principal and Faculty members give a short talk to students on inspirational, patriotic, moral and ethical themes. Elaborate functions are organized on all national days with due fervour and solemnity to infuse in students a spirit of fulfilling national obligations.

Leadership Training

Within the time and opportunity available, the college caters to the development of leadership ability of its alumni. To foster leadership traits, the students are given various responsibilities through a student prefectural system with a prefect selected for every section. The appointments are periodically rotated to offer maximum students a chance to put their leadership potential to test. Students are encouraged by the faculty to take initiative and responsibility is considered an essential part of the silent curriculum.


A great stress is laid upon this very important aspect. Some of the ways adopted are constant guidance by faculty members, lectures by faculty, guest speakers, constant watch over the student's daily conduct, meticulous maintenance of student's deportment profile with daily observations, and frequent interaction with parents to pave way for a positive, healthy and ethical personality through a mutual endeavour.

Positive Amusement & Entertainment

In order to drive home the lesson of positive and constructive amusement in life, both the Exam Hall and library staff run knowledge-based highly informative documentaries and meaningful movies during the available time for students' infotainment. Colour days and get-togethers are meant as a healthy interlude to break the routine. Such events develop self-confidence in a student along with the necessary growth in sociability and camaraderie.

Safeguards against Social Evils

If there is one thing that the College rightly prides itself upon, it is that we can guarantee the parents a completely safe and protected environment during their son's most impressionable and susceptible years of life. It is our foremost effort to provide our students with highly conducive academic environment and keep at bay the dangers of undesirable liberty and social vices that have entered our lives, including espousing bad company, picking eccentricities, unnatural leanings, falling into drugs, etc.

Clubs and Societies

To provide opportunities to the students to realize their inner potential to the full, clubs at the College function round the year. These include Debating Society, Drama Club, Science Club, Fine Arts Club, Photography Club, Computer Club, Literary Society, Quiz Club, Geography Society and Eco Club.

Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and counselling of students is done by the senior faculty members by exploring interests and behavioural patterns of students. It aims at ensuring that their wholesome growth continues through better adjustment in the College environment.