Eligibility for Board Examinations
College Pre-requisites
  • Good moral character & conduct.
  • Students with less than 90% attendance are liable to be debarred from Board Exams.
  • Satisfactory performance during Academic Session & passing Send Up exams.
  • A student must take all College tests and examinations. A proper record of these tests and terminal examinations is maintained. Unauthorized absence from the exams or use of unfair means can render a student liable to immediate strict disciplinary action resulting into withholding the admission to Board exams. Promotion to F.Sc 2nd year is not guaranteed. It is granted on the basis of academic performance in F.Sc 1st Year exams and his overall conduct at the College. If a student fails two or more subjects in Class-XI final Board Exams, he will have to repeat the class.
Conditions Imposed by the Boards
  • Registration by the Board at HSSC stage either before or during the academic year prior to the commencement of examination.
  • Be certified by the head of the institution that the candidate :-
    • Possesses good character and conduct.
    • Has satisfactorily performed the work of the class through academic year preceding the examination.
  • Has attended not less than:-
    • 75% of the full course of studies in each of the subject in which he desires to be examined.
    • 75% of the period assigned to practical work in a subject having practical.
  • No institution will send the admission form of a candidate for Part-I Examination who fails to attend 75% lectures or in case of having secured less than Grade E. Such candidates would be readmitted to the 11th class and would make up the deficiency of required number of lectures and his admission form for Part-I Examination would be sent next year. In case of such a situation in the Part-II Examination, the admission form could be sent for supplementary examination as a regular candidate.