As a 2nd tier of secondary education, the College offers Higher Secondary School Certification or completion of 12 years of education. The average age of a student on entry is 16 years. With the average section size of 36, the College has an excellent Teacher : Student ratio of 1:20. The medium of instruction is English. Due emphasis is laid on improving students' English communication skills. Students are encouraged to converse with faculty members and amongst themselves in English.

Academic Instruction

An elaborate system of academic guidance is built within the overall academic training at GCB. The efficacy of the system is reflected in the consistently improving performance of students in Board Exams year after year. The paradigm of the academic guidance rests on regular classes, weak student classes, extra coaching and time-tested academic evaluation system, which includes Fortnightly Tests, Spot Tests, Terminal Exams, Send-Up Exams, Intensive Pre-board Testing Regime and Annual Board Exams.

Teaching Facilities

The College enjoys all the required facilities required for first-rate academic instruction, viz. classrooms, exam halls, basic sciences laboratories, computer lab and library. Regular library periods are mandatory and make an essential constituent of the scheme of studies to inculcate the habits of inquiry and life-long learning in students. The upkeep of college facilities is a regular feature.